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2) This web site is, and is expected to remain, a work in progress. If you wish to be notifed when new information is added or if information is changed, click here and send us an email and we will send you a short email when changes occur. Our policy is to never give email addresses to any individual or company - to no one - and to never post an email address on the web site without the written permission of the owner of the email address.

3) This is NOT a site created by Jonathan Lowrie Psalmonds - it is a site ABOUT HIM or rather, it is a site presenting some, hopefully most of, the information about him which is available from public records, such as the Secretary of State files of the States in the U.S.A, and other publicly accessable information sources.

4) For the sake of brevity, Jonathan Lowrie Pslamonds will often be referred to simply as JP or Jon on the various pages of this site.

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Jonathan Lowrie Psalmonds
Jonathan Lowrie Psalmonds, circa 2006 aka Jonathan L Psalmonds, Jonathan Psalmonds, Jon L Psalmonds, Jon Psalmonds, John L Psalmonds, John Psalmonds, Jonahtan L Psalmonds (photo circa 2006)
Jonathan L Psalmonds
Jonathan Psalmonds
Jon L Psalmonds
Jon Psalmonds
John L Psalmonds
John Psalmonds
Jonahtan L Psalmonds
       (1st name is misspelled)       
J Psalmonds
Home Page

What is this all about?

Jon's Businesses
Summary of All Companies

Detail Pages on Each Company
Lone Wolf Interests, LLC

Court Records
  Cases from Missouri CaseNet

  Jersey County, IL
     Case 2005 L 000023 P 001

  Forsyth County, GA
      Case 09SC-2482
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Site Change History

Coming Soon:

   Details on all Companies:
    those listed below and
     any others we find.

  Diversified Equities Development, Inc
   (in Delaware, Florida, Alabama,
     and Oklahoma)
  Tenn-Tom, Inc
    (in Delaware and Alabama)
  J & G Properties, Inc
    (in Missouri and Kentucky)
  Windmark Properties Management, Inc
  Tattersall Resorts, Inc
    (in Georgia and Missouri)
  Goldmark Golf & Resorts, LLC
  Vista Partners I, LLC
  Phoenix Partners, LLC
  Paradigm Group, LLC
  Universal Energia Enteresado, LLC
  Bradley Alexander & Associates, LLC
  Dafuskie 2000, LLC
  Living Water Land Company, LLC
  Piedmont Water and Energy LLC
    (in Texas and Georgia)
  Aquasis, Inc.
    (in Delaware and Georgia)
  Newater Development Phase I, LLC
  Newater Development, LLC
  Aquasis Bottled Water, LLC
  Snapping Shoals Water-I, LLC
  Aquasis Life H2O Charities, Inc.
  Life Media Management, LLC
  Aquasis Holding, LLC
  Caribbean Pacific Oil Company, LLC
  Integrated Water Solutions, LLC
  Diverse Energy Holdings, LLC
  Swing L'eau, LLC
  Global Oceanic Communications
      and Response Experts, LLC
  Nature First Real Estate Investments, LLC
  Nature First Real Estate Group, LLC
  North by Northwest Holdings, LLC
  Nature First Real Estate Strategies, LLC

We are still Searching for or
confirming what we've found the
following Psalmonds companies:

     The Vista Group
      Green Park Development
      Legacy Marketing
      Certified Management
      Sports Promo Partners
      Sports Star
        and others we
        suspect are Jon's -
      and the company(s)
         he is probably
         using right now.
Also coming -

A Time-Line of
the companies, showing

when they were created,
they were revoked,
forfeited, etc.

Jon's Addresses:
     How they all relate to
       each other and which
       were/are used with
       other of the companies,

    Other companies they
        are related to.
     And any other public
        information we can

And Much, Much More

There is a lot coming that
I think you will find

And all of from public
Jon Psalmonds Info Net
Home Page for Jon Psalmonds Info Net
Page Added to Site: 9/17/2011
Last Update:

Read The Disclaimer                Read Some Misc Information Regarding This Site

I am currently working on more pages for this web site.  The pages will contain information gathered from public records sources such as Secretary of State information about companies, Court records about Civil suits, and other sources of readily available information.

Please read the following before you go to any other pages on this web site:

Before you go any further into this web site, let me give you some about information Jonathan Lowrie Psalmonds, the subject of this site, so that you will be better able to differentiate him from anyone with a similar name.

There are numerous people named Jonathan Psalmonds in the United States of America. I have not come across someone with that name with a middle name of Lowrie or middle initial L except the Jonathan Lowrie Psalmonds who is the subject of this site.  I want to be sure you are not thinking of another person with a similar name.

The following information is, to the best of my knowledge, correct. If you find any errors, please email me at. Email Me about it and send me the correct information.
  • Jonathan Lowrie Psalmonds was born on Sunday, October 19, 1958.
  • JP  (I will often abbreviate Jonathan Psalmonds to simply JP, on this web site) was the adopted son of W Gordon and Marjorie V Psalmonds, both of whom are deceased.
    • Mrs. Psalmonds died on September 21, 2006 in the Atlanta, Georgia area.
    • Mr. Psalmonds (actually it was Dr. Psalmonds, as he had a PhD in Theology and was a Baptist minister) died on September 30, 1993 in the St. Louis, Missouri area.
  • Jonathan grew up in the St. Louis, Missouri area and, I believe, attended Parkway High School.
  • I believe he has attended Missouri Baptist University in St. Louis, Missouri and Hannibal LaGrange College in Hannibal, Missouri. I do not know if he graduated from either of them.
  • JP has been married at least three times.
    • His first wife was Sherri L Baker and they were married, I believe, in St. Louis, Missouri and were divorced there on 12/18/1992. I believe their last home together was either 12340 Oak Hollow Dr, St. Louis, MO 63141 or 4134 Park Hill Court, St. Louis, MO 63125 (those links are to a Google maps of the addresses)
    • His second wife was Belinda Gail Sarne. They both lived in Houston, Texas at the time of the marriage. They were married in Park City, Utah on March 25, 1997 and then lived in the Houston area. They were divorced, in Houston, on 4/11/2000. I believe their address was 8303 Cedarspur Dr, Houston, TX 77055 (that link is to a Google map of the address)
    • His third, and present, wife (the "present" is of 9/16/2011) is named Ginger, her middle initial is L. The information I have says that her former last names were Lester and Aybar and, possibly, Perlstein. Her middle initial is L. I have not located any information on when, or where, she and JP were married. They presently live (as of 9/16/2011) at 6920 Grassmoor Grange Way, Cumming, GA 30040 (that is a link to a Google Map of the address)
  • Another St. Louis address was 8627 Glenwood Dr, St. Louis, MO
  • Information about other addresses will be available on the Addresses page when I finish it, double check, proofread, and publish it - that should be in the next week or so (it is presently September 16, 2011)
  • JP has two sons which I believe are Ginger's from a former marriage.
  • JP has used variations of his name, as you can see next to his photo on the left of this web page, and every other page on this web site.
  • He has created a very large number of companies - see the Summary of All Companies pages for more information.
I have provided all of this  information so that you can be more certain of whether the Jonathan (or Jon or John) Psalmonds you have met or associated with (if, indeed, you have met or associated with someone you think might be JP) is the same person who is the subject of this web site.

If you have any information you would like to pass along to me, or know of any errors in my published information, please go the Email page and send me an email with that information. You need to be aware that I will not publish information unless, and until, I can confirm the accuracy of the information from more than one independent source - the more confirming sources the better.

Today, Saturday, September 17, 2001, marks the publication of the first content pages on this web site. Not counting the Home page, there are no seven content pages available for your consideration, education, information, and edification.

The pages now available are:

What is this all about? page
-  this page tells you why I started searching for and accumulating all of this information on Jonathan Lowrie Psalmonds.

Company Summary page
 - this page contains a summary of the information I have on the 33 company registrations I have found (so far) to which Jonathan Lowrie Psalmonds has a connection. On the vast majority of these companies I have clearly identified Jon as the President, CEO, other top executive,, manager, or board member. For others, his involvement appears to be smaller but I have information, which needs a bit more confirmation, that his involvement in nearly all of these companies is anything but minor - I believe I can say, and substantiate the statement with proof, that Jonathan is the main player in all of these companies.  

This page actually provides quite a bit more than just a summary on information on the companies but it is not as detailed as will be the separate pages for each company)

Of these 33 companies registrations I have found so far, in 8 states (Alabama, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas) 25 of them are unique names, the other 8 registrations are registrations of companies, created in a state, as foreign corporations in other states.
For example, Diversified Equities Development, Inc. was created in Delaware and is registered as a foreign corporation in Alabama, Florida, and  Oklahoma. (FYI - Those links will take you to the section for those companies on the Company Summary page)

Missouri CaseNet Cases page - this page provides direct links to the 32 court cases involving JP which I found listed on the Missouri CaseNet search site.

Court Records Pages:
 Jersey County, IL Case 2005 L 000023 P 001 -this page contains information about a court case my father filed against JP

Forsyth County, GA - Case 09SC-2482  - this page contains information about a court case filed against JP in Forsyth County in Georgia by a William Wayne Leslie.
Email Me page
- this page gives you a list of email addresses you can user to send emails about a broad range of subjects.

Form Submission page
- this page allows you to send me information on any subject without having to divulge your email address, if you don't want to.

Lone Wolf Interests, LLC page
- this page contains details about the Lone Wolf Interests, LLC which JP created in Texas. This is the first company detail page I've made - nothing signifiant about my choosing Lone Wolf Interests, LLC for the first page. The format of this page is not quite what I want and I'll probablyh change the format in the future.

This Site Is A Work In Progress:

Please remember that this site is, and I expect it to remain for quite a while, a "work in progress" as I continue to search through the vast Internet (and the dusty files of various governmental agencies) for more information about JP and for information to confirm some information I have already accumulated but will not post on the site until I can solidly confirm its accuracy.

Stay tuned for new pages. If you wish to be notified as new pages are added or information is added to existing pages, Email Me  and I will add you to the mailing list.

I all ready have a vast amount of confirmed information and the delay in publishing it to the site is caused simply by the fact that it takes time to organize, cross reference, enter and check and double check the information, and get the actual pages ready for testing. After that I "beat them to death" with web site test tools and by checking each and every link and feature by hand to insure the pages are ready to be released for public consumption.

Given the nature of the data with which I am working, I want to be as certain as is possible that the information I am presenting is correct and it is correctly presented.

As to collecting information -

  • that there are 50 States to be searched (and other countries??)
  • the countless numbers of court jurisdictions to be located and searched, at the Local, State, and Federal levels
  • the enormous number of web sites on the Internet
  • the amount of duplication that exists on the Internet
  • the amount of incorrect information on the Internet
  • the number of sites which give you a tidbit of information simply to try and get you to spend money for information you can find yourself if you persist - these sources have to be weeded out and the same information  must be found elsewhere usually without charge - it takes time to identify which of these sites to utilize and perhaps pay for information.
  • that there is a huge amount of data to be confirmed, organized and formatted for easy access
  • the need to personally contact, or travel to, state, federal, and local governmental office to obtain details or confirm information
  • that there are only 24  hours in each day
it is taking a long time to gather, weed through, and organize the available information. This web site will not be the product of a few weeks work, it will be one of months and even years. It will also always be a "project in work" because I know that new information will be found and existing information may need to be updated.

If you would like to be notified as I add content to the site, click here and send me an email and I will notify you when the site is up and ready for visitors and when I update existing information or add new information.

My policy is to never give email addresses to any individual or company and to never post an email address on the web site without the written permission of the owner of the email address.

If you ever want your email address removed from one, or all of my lists, send a message to the Remove address and I will remove you from the  mailing lists.

To the best of my knowledge, the information I provide is accurate. If you know of mistakes or have additional information, please email me

Everything you will find here is the truth and is backed up by publicly accessible records.

The motto of this web site is:

I will not make, nor imply, any judgments.
I will merely present the readily available facts.

As I was typing the motto for this site, some quotations from sources such as the Bible, famous and venerated people, and, well myself, came to mind. I would like to share some of them with for your consideration, education, and edification.

Truth fears no questions
- Unknown

Judge not, that ye be not judged
- Matthew 7:1 (Kings James Version)

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.
- John 8:32 (King James Version)

nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.
1 Corinthians 6:10 (New International Version)

    You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time,
 but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.
       - Abraham Lincoln, (attributed)

The more information people have, the fewer of them you can fool at any time.
- Me

Please don't lie to me, unless you're absolutely sure I'll never find out the truth
- Ashleigh Brilliant

And I thought it was my invention.  - Don't bluff me, I will find out the truth eventually.
 - Me

The truth is out there
- The X-Files
Note - "Me" is Bob Novell, creator of this web site.